How We Met

Aww, thanks for clicking here! How did we meet? Online, of course!

Beth's account

In the summer of 2012, my friend (and now bridesmaid) Kerrie was having fun with online dating, so I gave it a try. After a few duds, though, the novelty wore off. But then I noticed Matt.

After trading a couple of messages, we met up for dinner. The restaurant was really loud and there weren’t any vegetarian options...hmm. But our next date - the best one I’d ever been on - sealed the deal. We split nachos. He held my hand. We danced at a really fun Santigold concert. (He liked to dance!) We ended up at a pub with live Irish music until 4 a.m. That’s when he first demonstrated his “Canoe” dance move - a real hit at weddings, he assured me.

Soon after that, we deleted our profiles, made every excuse to spend time together, and within a year or so, I moved in with him in Brooklyn.

Matt proposed to me during a surprise camping trip to North South Lake in June 2014. Weeks before, my parents were in town from my grad school graduation and he’d pulled my dad aside for “the talk”. He’d been carrying around the antique ring he’d picked out for me for weeks. I nearly fell over. “Elizabeth Marie Carmody...will you…?” I’ll never read the name on my passport again without remembering that beautiful moment. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it.

Matt's account

I recall sitting at the bar of the restaurant nursing a beer when Beth walked in. I was wearing a sports jacket, which was a brand new thing for me and frankly confused me. Was I the type of guy who wore sports jackets? Could I pull it off? What did wearing a sports jacket say about me? Those thoughts were squashed when Beth took the seat beside me and with a toothy smile fixed the collar of my jacket.

The date was fantastic and I knew I needed to pull out all the stops for the second. I consulted my buddy Jeff Klingman on the current live happenings in the city and quickly purchased two tickets for Santigold. Santigold brought it, but really it was who I brought that made the show for me.

Proposing to Beth was a no-brainer. She’s beautiful, intelligent, caring and indulges me on my need to climb, wear a beard and visit at least one aquarium a year. But most of all, I love talking to her and listening to her, and just being with her. She’s the one for me.